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Looking for a replacement ISC / IAV for your 2.0L Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser (1G or 2G), Galant VR-4 (90-94), Pajero and Montero '88-'98, Hyundai Sonata ('94-'95), Hyundai Elantra '95, Mirage/Colt Turbo ('89-'91), or ANY Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000?

You Have Arrived!

Replace your vehicle's dead/dying ISC with a

$167.75 each 

We sell genuine BRAND NEW Mitsubishi OEM ISCs, NOT rebuilds AND NOT factory-remanufactured units from old cores. Our ISCs come in a sealed Mitsubishi box, and are guaranteed to work with ALL ABOVE vehicles. They are not discards, copies, overstocks, damaged or defective units. We sell exactly the same ISC the dealers will sell you, but for less. These ISCs have the Mitsubishi symbol cast into the housing surface; be assured they are GENUINE MITSUBISHI parts. They work on ANY 2.0L 1G and 2G DSMs, ANY Stealth/3000 (GT, SL, etc.) and many other makes and models. For compatibility questions, see the FAQS page.

If you can find a less expensive deal for the same item, and can prove it, let us know. We will NOT BE BEAT ON PRICE. $167.75 plus shipping ($6.25 USPS Priority), see how to order) to your door. No inflated shipping fees, ever.

Folks, keep in mind these OEM iscs are getting harder to get. Mitsubishi won't keep selling them forever. Mitsubishi dealers are now asking over $400.00 USD for the same exact item, and some dealers are claiming they can't get them (what's up with THAT!?) So if you want the real deal item, get it now while we still have them!

How do we do it? We choose not to mark up our product as much as dealers do. We buy in more quantity than most dealers do. We have lower overhead. We deal direct with the manufacturer that Mitsubishi uses for these parts. These four factors allow us to sell ISCs to the public at prices comparable to dealer cost.




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